client: City Art Gallery
location: Leeds
category: arts/culture

Competition winning concept designs for a new education and activity space within a Grade II listed setting. An interactive installation to support and encourage learning about ‘mark making’ by all age groups through hands-on creative activities – drawing, painting, sculpting, and digital media and through looking, discussion, reading, watching, listening.

The proposals include two elements, the first of which is a purpose designed table. Developed closely with the client and user groups, realised as a flexible kit of parts with different heights for various age groups and that can be re-configured in different positions to allow for varied programmed or unprogrammed uses: including workshops, talks, display, art activities, evening receptions and other similar events. A number of the table components contain plywood inserts that house the materials and equipment such as crayons, paints, pens, paper, books, activity sheets. Other components contain a magnetic surface, art trolleys (portable art materials for other parts of the gallery) and a lightbox.

The second element is a sculptural form serving as a three-dimensional notebook. Conceived as an art work in its own right it allows for ongoing recording of drawings, comments & suggestions and invites visitors to leave their mark.

In parallel with these two elements, a series of  general improvements to the space were incorporated including lighting, and circulation to the adjacent watercolour gallery.

LLA were selected on the basis of a considered holistic approach to the space and its relationship with other spaces & circulation within the Gallery.